Hand & Wrist Injuries

Hand and wrist injuries are among the most common sport and work related injuries seen in the Orthopedic setting. Rapid diagnosis and treatment through on site x-ray and casting insures optimum recovery. Fractures, lacerations and sprains require specialized care found at OrthoCare.

Back & Neck Injuries

Muscular strains of the neck and back often take place in the work setting. Failure to properly diagnosis and delay in treatment cost employers thousands of dollars a year. OrthoCare and its association with Pinnacle Physical Therapy produces a seamless treatment program for fast effect return to work. The Orthopedists of Pinnacle and OrthoCare have years of experience in the complex world of industrial injuries.

Knee & Ankle Injuries

Sports related sprains and strains are part of the game. Decisions on return to play require expert knowledge and experience.   The sports medicine Orthopedists of OrthoCare have spent years on the sidelines treating all levels of athletes. On site X-ray and MRI imaging services help make game time treatment decisions.  The professional staff of Pinnacle Physical Therapy aids the rapid treatment to get you back in the game. Nowhere in the area is there a center where you can go from the field to Sports Medicine expert without a wait or appointment.

Fractures Care

Expert analysis of bone breaks and fracture is critical to proper care and recovery. This only can be done through the expert eye of an Orthopedic Specialist. Trips to an ER or Urgent Care center often lead to unclear diagnosis requiring a follow-up with and Orthopedist. Skip this time consuming and expensive step. The OrthoCare clinic is your walk fracture specialty center. When you are concerned about an injury let us take the worry out of diagnosis and treatment.

Concussion Care

The Pinnacle Sports Medicine team uses an integrated team approach to concussion management. First, the injured patient will be evaluated by one of our specialists, who will provide a comprehensive evaluation, including neurocognitive testing. Next, our team of specialists, physical therapists and medical providers provide their input to determine the best plan of care and timeframe for the patient to return to his or her activities. The safety of the patient/athlete is our priority when dealing with concussions. At Pinnacle Sports Medicine, we use neurocognitive assessment tools and services, such as ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) to scientifically validate concussions.